Samuel’s Day

by Darla on May 1, 2010

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Today is the day Samuel has been waiting for all his life.  He’s so excited he’s showing all his teeth.  Our membership records arrived Wednesday night, we had an interview with the Bishop Thursday and Samuel’s Baptism was on Saturday, May 1st.  We weren’t sure that it would work to happen while Grandparents were here.  We all started praying hard that if it is what Heavenly Father wanted that things would work together to help it happen as they were out of our hands.

We haven’t experienced stake baptism days and once we heard about it was a bit concerned but you know the spirit was there and it was beautiful.  Four other children were baptized that day as well with each family participating in some way.

Laura, Bekah, Darla, Samuel, Grandma Isaacs, Ginny, Grandpa Isaacs, and Brian.

Besides these wonderful people, Bishop Dorny, Sister Bollan, Sister Sorensen and her children were also there.  They represented Samuel’s new primary president and her counselor over the scouting program.  It was so nice to have them there.  Even harder yet to not think about how full the room would have been with our friends from Doha.  We are so grateful for our new friends.

Samuel received the gift that he longed for on Sunday during sacrament meeting.  While initially I couldn’t imagine that stake baptismal days I’m converted and it is a wonderful thing in no small part to the wonderful coordinators.

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