Shipping and Curriculum Purchases, How?

by Darla on June 15, 2006

in Home Education

Well I am learning. We are trying to figure out how to get things shipped from the states for less than a Kings Ransom.

Home schoolers everywhere are heading to curriculum fairs, book stores and the internet to search for materials. This year I find myself behind. Usually, my books are sitting on the shelf by May just waiting for the right moment to dig into those books that will transport us to another realm or even another part of the globe. We go no education mode for June, you can participate, play, read or do anything unrelated to education during the month of June. By the end, we are all fighting to get into those books.

Living in a land that has many books, but not a great number of which we can read, we had some choices to make.

1. Learn how to read Arabic

2. Order via the internet and have resources shipped

We have chosen #2. While we have enjoyed listening to the beautiful Arabic, we need more time than we have right now to learn it. (It is quite difficult)

So where to begin. First is to decide whether or not you will:

A. Buy a packaged program (everything included)

B. Piecemeal

C. Combination of the both.

D. Find someone who is leaving and search through whatever they do not want.

E. Partially enroll in private school to take advantage of their libraries, after school programs or difficult to do on your own activities.(I will add more options here as they present themselves)

NOTE: Before ordering anything, find out if your company has an overseas homeschooling policy. Some will reimburse you for a specific amount. Make sure this amount is included in your contract before you sign it. If you have questions on this, please feel free to email me for a private conversation. I do have a sample policy that you could submit if they are working are interested in creating one.

One thing that we did, which was wise, was to bring as much with us as we could fit into our suitcase. It would be my suggestion that you have your first year’s curriculum purchased and sent ahead to the new office or whatever address works, if this is allowed. (Some countries will only let you bring in your container and suitcases. In this case, bring everything you anticipate you will need for the time you are there. Interim purchases can be made on return visits to your home. We have learned the hard way that we should have purchased everything for the first year and it has been an expensive/learning experience) We purchased and brought some things but did not anticipate the amount of time from our household shipment arriving and when we arrived so far we are at a 3 month gap.

We brought basics such as math, reading, writing, history, science textbooks. What we didn’t anticipate is the amount of reading material we would need. Our reading consists of living books. We did not plan well enough in this area. Because of the craziness of our lives and learning where everything is located it is just now that I am ordering things for us to start classes in July.

Shipping costs have been astronomical through some companies. So, take some time and figure out where you get the best deals. Email companies to find out what their shipping policy is for your location and the % they will charge. After placing my order with a well known company, I found they were charging me over 50% of the price of my books to send them. Some companies charge a higher percentage if you go over a certain amount while others charge a smaller amount. Check around.

There are also two choices. International Standard Air and another one. (Sorry the name escapes me and sometimes changes per company. The deal is this: Plan A: (International Standard Air) is quick while. 4 -6 weeks (we have had some arrive quicker. Do not consider it the norm for them to arrive faster. Plan slower) Plan B: (the other one) is the slow boat literally. Guess about 2 to 3 months. You have to decide how quickly you really want these things and is it worth it to wait. We have chosen to send the first 6 months worth of material the quick way and the last several the slow.

We are also purchasing for Christmas within the next month or so. Some of the items will be school related. Just in case my children check in I won’t list them here.

Our favorite companies at the moment are There are quite a few more and I will add them to the sidebar. All of these have shipped, at decent prices, directly.

E Books are becoming ever popular. There are several companies that you can order them directly from the internet. No shipping/handling costs. DSL or faster modem connection is preferred but not necessary. Well that is certainly enough for now. Will add as we learn.

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