Silk Factory Tour – Day 9

by Darla on November 29, 2009

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Today is our day to tour the different “factories” in the area.  Their factories are not an American variety but more family owned and operatated. The first area showed a shelving system with the worms on display.  There seemed to be quite a few examples.

Silk Worms

Caterpillar Stage 1

Caterpillar Stage – 2

Caterpillar – 3

There were two different types of worms and depending on the type depends on the color cocoon that they weave.

Right next to this area showed how they unspun the silk from the cocoon and then wove it into fabric.  Here are the photos of the looms.  The last two photos are the same wall hanging.  Depending on the light you display them or the angle of the photo changes the way it looks.

This tour was for the ADD in all of us.  You could stand and watch the weavers and the different parts all you would like.

The shop next door had all the silk you could possibly want for fantastic prices.  My dh decided this is where he was going to get my bday gift.  I opened it this morning.  It is absolutely stunning.  Now I need a place to wear it.  Perhaps we will go out to celebrate.

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