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by Darla on May 6, 2013

in Reno, Nevada

There is something about the spring weather that just encourages me to clean; my body, my life, my home and our home school.  It is the feeling of fresh and new that inspires me to take these steps.

With another move looming in our future, it just seems like the right time to tackle these kinds of things.  I started with our home school materials.  There are quite a few boxes sitting in my garage and it is the time of year for looking for new materials in preparation for the fall or if schooling year round the next adventure depending on when you begin and end.


So the parameters I used to clean out were these.

  1. Is it part of a program we used for history/science?
  2. Has it been used by most of our children?
  3. Do I refer to it often?
  4. Has it been a valuable resource?

If it answers one or more of theses questions, then it is a keeper.   When I finished going through the boxes, I had Rebekah, my recent graduate,  go through them as well with particular focus on the resources that sat in the undetermined category.   Most of them went in the donate/sell box – pictured right.

It has been good for me to purge before spending money on new items.  I tend to reevaluate my priorities about whether or not I really need something.

I will say there is one thing that I want for our home school program.  It isn’t a need.  I’ve decided that if I earn enough money with selling used materials I will purchase that want, maybe.

Home and school tend to overlap because they really do impact one another.

Home keeping.  Yard sale season is here.  The youth from a neighboring church had a yard sale to raise money for girls camp.  So that started the deep cleaning.  I’ve been pretty good about keeping on top of the clutter by conducting a purge every 6 months. ( has great tips)  It seems that even doing that it just needed some deep cleaning and making some choices about items that I was sure would be used and not ready to let them go yet.  It has been a year and still they hadn’t been used or even opened, time to go.  I tend to feel pretty guilty about this knowing that I spent valuable resources to obtain them.

My evaluation for this part is Like it, Love it, need it, or want it.  It needs to fit most of these categories for me to keep it.  Actually now that I say this my closet really needs to be gone over again.

Using essential oils for my health and realizing they can also be used to clean my home has been awesome.  I love that my head doesn’t pound afterwards from all the chemicals and or the fragrances that are put in them to help cover up the stinky chemicals.  My home feels cleaner, safer and there are no nasty side effects like a migraine.  It helps me to be more consistent with cleaning.  I love the feeling of knowing that my house is clean.

Purify cleansing essential oil blend from doTERRA Here’s one of my favorite recipes:

Mix 6 drops of lemon oil and 6 drops of Purify oil blend in a spray bottle, along with distilled water, shake well to disperse the oils and spray into the air.  It is a disinfectant but also works well on your oven racks.  It takes a few minutes to work so spray it on and let it sit.

My Life has gotten cluttered as well.  It is easy with being inside to jump into too many things just to get outside.  It has been another busy winter season and I’m tired; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I just need a retreat.  It is also a perfect time to evaluate what kind of craziness did I add to my life.  In TJED this is called the 6 month no.  Make a list of all that you are doing?  What are your priorities?  Does your list reflect your priorities?  If not, it is time to disengage from those activities.  It is also a time to put those things on your to do list that should be there but aren’t.

My Body is still recovering from surgery 1.5 years ago.  Progress is being made all the time but it is slow.  Presently, I’m within sight of the number on the scale before all the crazy hormone therapy.  It has taken effort and determination to find and figure out how to use supplements that help my body function properly.   Some of the things that have helped in this journey….

  • Doterra essential oils.  In particular Lifelong Vitality Pack, Phytoestrogen, Cleanse and Restore to detoxify and the individual oils such as balance, wild orange and Digestzen.  These are my favorites.
  • Started yoga to help  with tight muscles and relaxation.  I picked up 2 dvds at Walmart starring Tamal Dodge.   I’ve felt the difference in my body and so has my chiropractor.  I’ve gone from appointments 3x a week to once every 6 weeks.  The biggest difference happened when I added in the above style yoga.  I’m not sure why other than it is Vinyasa and more flow style movement.  Pilates is another consideration to help build core muscles but it intimidates me.  I found the program I want to use so just need to start.
  • T-Tapp fitness basics the 15 minute version.
  • Walking is alternated with my other forms of fitness.  Not fast and crazy but slow and relaxed.
  • Whole 30 – I’ve completed 2 at this point and stay pretty close with small modifications the rest of the time.  It has helped me to get in touch with my body.   It is essentially Paleo eating only elimination style.  It helped me to realize how bad I feel when eating dairy and wheat.  I can have some dairy before the symptoms appear but wheat doesn’t really matter.  Shortly after eating it, the symptoms start.  This helps me to know what my limits are when eating out.  I may choose to have this or that for a special occasion or I really want it but then I know in about 20 minutes I’ll be miserable.  Do I really want that today or is it more important to enjoy the people that I’m with and the event.  It reminds me that informed choices really are the best kind.

How are you spring cleaning at your home or what do you feel inspired to change?



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