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by Darla on February 17, 2009

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Do you ever have those days where you get in a funk and just can’t seem to snap out of it.  UGH!

At 8:30 we had family devotionals:
Song:  Christmas Bells w/bells of course
Devotions:  Gospel Principles Lesson 17
Character:  Everyday Graces
Science in a supermarket – Soap

Menu:  Our dinner plans are quite extensive for this evening as we will be making the pasta and bread from scratch.

Bow Tie (Whole wheat pasta) in a cream sauce
Whole Wheat Herb Crusted Bread or biscuits with fruit and whipped cream on top for dessert.
Baked Chicken breasts

My husband’s birthday is tomorrow and we are celebrating my son’s birthday at the same time.  His birthday is Saturday but we will have a packed day.  I’d found his gift, while he was with us, so I needed to go pick it up.   Additionally Sunday is our company’s grand opening celebration with elite guests, the Emir and Her Highness.  So it required a more elaborate outfit than I have in the closet right now.

A Shopping trip is in order.  Hopefully less than all day and preferrably 2 hours or less.  You can stop laughing now.  🙂

We went to the mall of our choice, Villagio.  In the parking lot a man offered to wash the car.  (routine service provided)  The cost is about $3 but I paid $8 as the car is a wreck and hasn’t been washed in over a month and coated with dust galore.   I told him I’d be 30 minutes and the car needed to be done.  (The last couple times we’ve said an hour they finished it up as we waited in the car or had to leave before it was finished)

Okay time to burn so we went to Virgin Mega Store to check out the recent selection of books.  Always changing never the same.  Get it if you want it or forget it.  Book selection was a little sad but they had these really cool EIN-O Science bucket kit things.  Several were on my list to purchase from the states and they had a few to go with our present studies.  I went a little nuts.

Anyway on to pick up my son’s birthday present and a newspaper for my daughter’s language arts lesson.  Learning about different sections of the paper.  Hard to do without a newspaper we found.  Internet didn’t have quite the same appeal in this case.

We still had some time left so it was off to see what we could find in a dress.  The first store Next (British chain store) No dressy dresses.  Then off to Wallis they had some things that could work but wow the price tag was nuts.  We met a friend/neighbor there also looking for the same event.  Funny but we’ve both heard so many stories about what style of clothes to wear to this event.  So we compared notes on some different things that we both found and liked.

I’m really not into purchasing something too expensive as I’ve been losing weight and not really interested in spending money even on one piece if it isn’t going to fit for too long.  Back in the corner it looked like they had some New Year’s outfits and there a basic black skirt with chiffon overlay.  I have a really pretty gold shirt that will look great with it.  The price is a bit high but it can be tailored later if need be.  More than I intended but it will work for future holiday events or whatever.

Off to the car, yipee it is washed, dried and ready to go.  How can one ask for more than that.  So it all took about an hour.  That NEVER happens.  God was smiling on me today in my efforts to get so much done.

At home, the kids pulled out the science kits to ooh and ahhh over them.  Bekah decided that the aviation kit was a perfect follow up to her physics lessons today.

I ran to the kitchen composed a couple emails.  One about scrapbook class starting and another to meet a friend for lunch at Pizza Express on Thursday.  (Cancellation from last week since I was so sick)  The kids have been looking forward to making their own pizza’s.  Then a new entry for my blog.

This afternoon it will be science for Ginny and Samuel and basics afterwards for Ginny (she went with me shopping)

Tomorrow is a day off for birthday celebration and perhaps a break for me to get my haircut before the big event on Sunday.  This is still all so weird doing stuff like that on Sunday.  Not sure that I’ll ever get used to our weekends being Friday and Saturday.

The end of next week, I fly to the states to visit with my mom and clean out/purge our Pittsburgh house for the last time.  I’m not looking forward to it but it needs to be done.  There are some repairs that need to be made beyond my capabilities.  A stain glass window was damaged some time ago but really is beyond the leave it stage.

It is hard to believe that it is only 12:22 in the afternoon.  What a packed morning.

So why snap out of it?  I don’t feel like doing school work today.   Sometimes I just want to be a normal send your kids to school mom so I can do what I want.  REBELLION at its finest, no temper tantrum though.  The next minute when I realize that we can get up and start school at 8:30am rather than 6:30 or 7:00am wake up it isn’t too bad.

In the Parables of Nature our chapter “Gifts” is about vegetables comparing themselves to each other recommending that you grow like a carrot, radish, or beet.  The cress and mustard greens are totally confused and just want to give up.  Yeah God is good and gives us exactly what we need to hear.  Today it was in this lesson.  As we discussed the chapter and our thoughts about comparing each other, my heart lifted.  I don’t have to be a radish or anythng else.  I am what I am.  Today I’m a homeschooling mom doing the best she can.  I love that my children are learning valuable lessons that for me have plagued me for years.

The end of our story concludes with the carrot being so confused that it grew misshapen.  The gardener was ready to toss it into the rubbish when he remembered that the cook wanted soup.  Certainly the carrot was no longer straight enough for the table.   A lesson for me today.  STOP Comparing myself to other homes choolers or to those sending their children to public/private schools.

The temperature is up to 81 degrees so perhaps a walk this afternoon to clear the cobwebs out of my brain and remember gratitutde for the blessings that God gives to me many times every day.

Have a blessed day!

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