Summer School and plans for the fall

by Darla on June 11, 2008

in Home Education

This spring we signed up for Time4Learning an online program that we use for language arts and mathematics.  The cost is right for us and accomplishes our purposes.  It seems to fit better with the girls learning styles and it is fun for them.

So this summer we are concentrating on completing the levels they started this spring to provide some continuity and our history program.  We are hoping to be set up for the fall when we start our American History studies.

Here’s what we’re studying 2008-2009:

Language Arts:
Institute for Excellence in Writing Level A (two times a week)
Handwriting without Tears, Printing Power, Cursive and Cursive Success.
English from the Roots Up
Language guides to go with some of our Read Alouds
Book Club of sorts.

Math: Time4learning

History: American history through to the beginning of the civil war.  We are using a free online program Los Banos American History Curriculum and All American History I as published by Bright Ideas Press.

Science: Noeo Science Physics I & II.  I will add a couple advanced projects and reading assignments for my 13 year old daughter. 

Spanish: PowerGlide Junior and tutor

Character/Manners: Manners made easy.

We will follow the Charlotte Mason style to our Music and Art studies this year by concentrating on only three composers/artists for the whole year.  It makes it so much easier to remember them and the styles and it sticks with you.

Music: Themes to Remember, The Composers Special (set of DVD’s), Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composer’s series, and   Vivaldi, Bach and Handel

Art: Picture Study: (Following Charlotte Mason style): Mondrian, Picasso and Homer

Computer: Sponge Bob Square pants typing tutor

Physical Education: Ballet for my 5th grader but we’re still working on something for my 1st and 8th grader.  We moved so no access to tennis courts or pool unless we get a membership somewhere.  I’ve been thinking about Karate and doing that with the kids or Ice Skating lessons.

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