Surveying starts

by Darla on November 10, 2010

in Reno, Nevada

Snow on Mt. Rose

On our way to seminary, this beautiful sight greeted us as we drove up the mountain.  I can not think of a better way to see Monday morning, it was beautiful.

It has been a busy week already and one filled with lots of good things.

Samuel raking leaves.

Saturday night we had a decent windstorm that kept us up most of the night.  I think that was in reference to the wish that the last few leaves left on our trees would finally fall off.  The windstorm did the trick.  It also had a side benefit, Samuel went out to rake the leaves.  He can’t wait to jump in that pile and knows that the leaves need to be raked up first.  He tried to get others in on the fun of raking but no one volunteered.  It didn’t seem to stop him and I’m grateful that leaf raking does not need to be on my list of to do items this week.

He’s upstairs trying to get his sister to come down so he can bury her in the leaves

Last night was family night and we decided that a treat was in order.  After wards, we visited the lot to see if anything had happened yet.  It was particularly clear since it was quite dark so Bekah and I stopped by on our way home from Seminary this morning and this is the beautiful sight that greeted our eyes.  The process to survey the lot had begun and they were digging the trenches for the concrete pad.  We’ve asked them to offset the house in the lot so it sits further to one side than the other.  This will accommodate our gardens and the RV pad that will go in after we are finished building.  It also appears that they have removed one of the Porta Johns so you can see everything a bit better.  I’m looking forward to going out after they pour the pad to take the next photos.

Let the work begin

The superintendent said not to miss that as the framing and everything else will fly up after that.  He told us that everyone questions whether they poured the correct size.  It will be nice to have that picture for contrast later on.

I feel like a little child at Christmas time opening up a fun wrapped gift, not sure what is inside but wow this is lots of fun and I can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Surveying 2

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