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Determination: Made to Crave

by Darla on February 2, 2014

in Reno, Nevada

Focusing our thoughts

by Darla on November 16, 2009

in TOG Y3 Unit 1

Tapestry of Grace and Homeschool Tracker Plus

by Darla on August 13, 2009

in TOG

Year 2, Unit 4 Project ideas

by Darla on June 12, 2009

in TOG Y2 Unit 4

Gallew's TJED Planner

by Darla on January 23, 2009


Scheduling using an eclectic curriculum

by Darla on September 8, 2008

in Home Education

Educational plan: Chaos or Peace

by Darla on October 27, 2007

in Home Education

What we're studying this year.

by Darla on September 17, 2007

in Home Education