Thailand, Day 1

by Darla on November 15, 2009

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On Thursday evening we began a new adventure, a dream trip to Thailand.  We had an almost 7 hour flight to Bangkok a couple hour layover and then an hour long flight to Chiang Mai.  Only a little confusion along the way when it was time to transfer at the Bangkok airport.  Even though we had been checked in (boarding passes from our travel agent) they didn’t like the paper boarding passes so we had to go to the ticket counter first.  It was really easy. Customs the works simple.  Not quite pick your suitcase out of the back of the airplane simple but simple enough.

It is funny that programming that we receive from the time that we are little.  People will take advantage of tourists so there are certain things that you don’t do.  Hmm well since I was leading the pack and Brian had the luggage on a trolley I was in charge of arranging transportation.  (I think he did it on purpose) So you don’t go to the guy standing at the gate asking if you want a taxi right?  No I walked a little further checking out of the area.  He asked again so you know that I said of course knowing that it was going to cost a fortune.  Apparently not.  120 baht, 12 qr  or $3 to go from the airport to the hotel.  When was the last time you had a taxi ride for that much, me this was an absolute first.  Of course we needed two but still $6 I can handle that price.

Next what would the hotel be like. It turned out to be a lovely family room hotel that is 1 block from the Night Bazaar which is really nice from a tourist standpoint.  Many shops and places to eat.  The hotel itself was nice and clean.  Appearance wise it is a little worn but a friendly atmosphere and easy to communicate.

Since most of us caught sleep here and there, we retired to our rooms for a bit to clean up or catch a snooze.   Two hours later and after most of us slept we went to the family restaurant that is part of the hotel.  The food was simple but good and everyone had something that was great.

Time to go on an exploring adventure and same is asking 201 questions about what we will find and where will we go and how to get there.  I think we answered 201 times we had no idea.  We had fun taking a walk and found a used book store.  Hmm do they have a walking map; yes.  How about a simple phrase thai book; no but she shared with us where to find one.  YIPEE.  Off we go and it doesn’t hurt that it is in the Computer building.

While half way through the building on our search for the bookstore, Brian said don’t leave me here alone or I will not be responsible for what happens.  Apparently he found quite a few things that could make their way home.  We did find the bookstore and what we needed.

Then we set off again to make our way back towards our hotel and the night market.  Still a little early but things were opening up here and there along the way.  Found way too many neat things.  Bekah found a lined silk bathrobe with deep rose and white flowers (on our list), Ginny/Bekah and I  found some Thai Fisherman’s pants and Samuel/Brian found bugs.  (In a case pinned to a board – the boys thought they were neat)

The lady that we bought the fisherman’s pants from after we made our selection hit the money on the different pants for good luck.  She told us that it would bring her good luck for the rest of the night.  The girls and I walked down a couple more paces and ginny and laura found other pants that they liked.  I told the sales lady yes but did that mean that I would buy them.  🙂  We had a good laugh.  So after our second purchase she repeated the same gesture.  LOL this time it would need to be another shopper that would bring her good luck.  The funny thing is that we are going to go back for a couple more pairs as they are so much cooler and Bekah really likes them. Here’s a picture.

We made our way through the rest of the bazaar and back to the hotel to drop them off.  I can’t remember what we did then, probably fell asleep.  Off again for dinner at one of the places that looked good; antique house.  While we’ve all snoozed little sleep from the last 24 hours has taken its toll and Ginny was having issues, spiders.  Guess she saw a big one on the way to dinner and then a little one dropped on my arm at the dinner table.  She was a little freaked.  The food was great and we all tried something different.  Brian took the kids back to the hotel with a short stop for some ice cream.

More exploring for Laura and I as we wend our way back through the bazaar to see if we could find something different.  She is looking for a Christmas gift and I have in mind somethings for our family photo this year.  We found a few outdoor cafeterias that looked like they might have good food that would be a little less expensive but really we did quite well.  Not sure what our dinner cost around (800 baht – $23) but our lunch was 470 baht for all of us (47 qr or less than $15).   I can’t tell you the last time our family ate for that much anywhere.

Even though this is all so new to me, I’m quite happy and the culture shock hasn’t been what I expected nor were the smells.  It has been a long day and it is getting late in my internal clock.  Funny even though we had all these short naps I’m quite tired and ready for bed.  It is only 8:30.  I lasted til 9 and that is enough for one day of adventures.

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