Thailand, Day 2

by Darla on November 16, 2009

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Brian and the kids decided that Burger King sounded like the right place for breakfast and hopefully a little pork.  I kept thinking about McDonalds breakfast burritos so three of us went there.  Umm well I forget that outside America everything is served on hamburger rolls whether it is breakfast or not.  No biscuits or muffins, guess that is not too bad or I would be tempted to have some.   Unfortunately no burritos either guess we should have stayed with the others as the Burger King menu looked a little more hopeful.

A Funny – we don’t drink coffee and all the items came with it as part of the meal.  So I asked her no coffee and please add a water.  I don’t think anyone had ever asked that before.

We met back together to go over our map and decide where we wanted to go for the day.  Two of our destinations included finding Laura’s school and church including how long it would take to get there.  After that we decided on the zoo for the family today and a tuk tuk ride so we could sight see along the way.

On the street out front there were quite a few tuk tuks so that wasn’t really a problem.  Just needed to figure out a price and as we had walked along earlier prices had been quoted even though we weren’t interested, so used that information to ascertain whether we were getting a good price or not.  Tuk tuks are small and would fit three of us so we needed two.  We ended up having 2 brothers that took us where we needed to go along with the son about Sam’s age (lovingly referred to as Monkey).

We found Laura’s school and she got her arrangements made and then it was off to the zoo.  The driver helped me to sort out the tickets and on our way.  The driver’s waited for us to take them back in to the city.  There were rows of truck taxi’s waiting for those interested and we could have gotten them to take us where we needed to go for less than the tuk tuks but it was quite an adventure to do it this way.

The zoo was great and we really enjoyed our time there.  Our tourist map recommended that if you aren’t used to hiking don’t try to walk the zoo on your own.  I would like to suggest that if you aren’t a Mountain Goat or experienced rock climber don’t hike through the zoo.  There is a lovely bus that takes you to each section of the zoo.  We could have easily spent several days there.

What I loved about the zoo is that unlike western zoos they encourage you to feed the animals.  A vendor sits there with the amount the animals need and you purchase the food to feed the animals.  (Not the dangerous ones of course)  We fed the elephants and giraffes.  I never realized how long a giraffe’s tongue was until he decided to try the banana and long string beans we offered them.  Sam loved it.  Okay I did too.

Bekah feeding the giraffe

The bus driver pulled over so we could feed the elephant.  Yeah it was that close.

There were so many animals that we had never seen before that it was really interesting.  We made it through two major exhibits and the aquarium.

Penguin was not what we hoped for but still interesting to see the animals that close.  Definitely a zoo that I could take my sketch pad and sit for awhile in many of the exhibits taking our time to learn about each animal that we saw there.

We came out of the zoo at the end and our driver was waiting for us and led us around to where they had parked.

The wooden frogs stood out as we passed them.  They were by the center advertising the open zoo.  Hmm Maybe another trip.

After leaving the zoo we were quite tired, so we had them take us to the church so we would know where to go for tomorrow.  We found that and it isn’t too far away from the hotel (about 1 mile) so we will have them drive us and we will walk back after church.  Should be another adventure.

One driver will also pick Laura up from the hotel each morning and take her to school.  She will get another to bring her back at the end of the day.  The price was quite reasonable.

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