Thailand, Day 3

by Darla on November 27, 2009

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Attending church is just something we do without thinking about it.  In our faith, we take it for granted and don’t realized how blessed we are to have a world wide organization.  They have the same lesson in Thailand as they do in Qatar or the United States although they may be off a week or two because of Stake or General Conference.  The last difference is the language it is given in.

Yesterday we went to figure out where the church was located and found that.  Today we left with the idea that we would go to sacrament meeting and then leave but keeping our minds open to what presented itself.

We met a family as we walked in the door that was Western and spoke English.  That was a real blessing.  She helped us to realize that we could stay for day as the services would be interpreted through headsets by a missionary during the sacrament service, Sunday School was taught by her husband and she was teaching Relief Society (women’s meeting).  The kids could make do in primary as this couple had children the same ages as ours and they would have good company.

The first speaker shared her testimony about serving others in our callings.

Sunday school was about preparation and being self reliant.

Relief Society was a dual language class the teacher taught in english while another sister translated in Thai.  It was neat to see the class taught that way.  The feeling that I was supposed to be there for that specific lesson kept coming back to me over and over again.  Hmm guess time will only tell why.

Afterwards we joined our new friends for dinner in their home.  What an enjoyable time we had and I felt blessed by Heavenly Father for being obedient

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