Tiger Kingdom, Monkey School and Elephant Camp – Day 4

by Darla on November 27, 2009

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Today Laura started her Thai Massage Class so the rest of us are on our own.  We took off to do things she had seen on her previous trip to Thailand.

Our mode of transportation todays is a Red Truck or songtaew

Brian’s head hit the roof so he decided to stick his legs out the back and take video of the surrounding area for most of the way.

First stop is Tiger Kingdom.  While this was a once in a lifetime experience it was definitely overpriced.

So first we paid for entrance and could choose from any size tiger we wished with the price tag increasing dramatically with the size.  Everyone seemed to think that the newborn would fit the bill for our family.

The cub was just a couple weeks old.  They rotate the younger animals out frequently so they don’t get over exerted. (IE cranky)

Before we were allowed to enter the cage with the tigers we needed to wash our hands with an orange scented soap and remove our shoes.

We were allowed 15 minutes with the tiger.  We were asked to not make sudden or load moves and not to touch the head.

A handler sat with us the whole time and even took a family photo.

Samuel was afraid at first but became a little more interested as the time went by.  He has watched the living planet and documentaries about tiger cubs – smart boy.

After the tiger kingdom we went to Monkey School.  Yep we are all about education even on vacation but they picked it.  🙂

As we entered we were invited to feed the baby monkeys.  They are quite young.  We opted out and instead played with them.  The babies loved the little tafy candies that the ladies gave them.  They were very cute and quite playful.

These are not my fingers but the ladies that took care of the moneys.

The purpose of this school is to teach the monkeys to harvest coconuts.  The idea was presented that the monkey’s are able to harvest the fruit with less damage, greater speed and fewer injuries.  It seems from the demonstration that it takes years to train the monkeys.  The concept is interesting.

First they teach them to identify ripe fruit and twist the coconuts from the stems.

Those interested could have a monkey sit on your lap.

For Brian they tied him up with robes and the monkey untied him.  Very cute.

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