Time Flies

by Darla on March 5, 2007

in Home Education

Maybe this seems an obvious title for this time of year but it really is applying to me today.  This last week we celebrated our oldest daughter’s 18th birthday, our youngest son’s 5th birthday, my husband turned 40,  in a couple weeks we celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, my daughter is leaving for life on her own (college) and our 1st anniversary in Doha Qatar.  Lots of milestones to say the least.

It is hard to believe that the time has gone so quickly.

Our neighbor came to visit for a science lesson.  She is a biology teacher and graciously agreed to help us to learn how to use our microscope and made slides.  It was terrific.  We talked about cells, what they are made of and how they divide.

We made slides and looked at onion skin, mouth cells, hair follicles (from two of our children crossed), blood and typed blood as well.  Laura went through the process of appropriately washing her hands, swabbing in alcohol and then pricking  her finger with a lancet.  We put her blood on specially prepared card.  It was really neat to see how quickly you could tell the blood type but then had to wait and find out if she was positive or negative.  Within the last year we had to have our blood typed for our move so we knew what it was.  It really worked.

I purchased the kit from Wholesome Books who offers kits that go along with Apologia’s Advanced biology.  It was great.

Some things just need the eye of experience to help you understand everything that you are looking at what a great experience.

Hopefully, my children will remember the things they saw.  Isn’t it an amazing world.

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