by Darla on August 21, 2006

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One of the recommendations of our History program this year is to make a timeline.  I have never  done one before but often thought about it.  It was always one of those things that I would get around to mostly because I didn’t think I had the space.  Well I have learned a thing or two.

First there are a couple different kinds.  (I never knew that)  There is a wall timeline and notebook timeline.  Both can be as different as the creator.

Wall timelines are the ones that I have always been familiar with the encompass vast amounts of space up a stairwell or on a wall.  Did you know that you could put one on the back of a sewing board (check out JoAnn’s fabric or sometimes thrift stores)

Someone on my email list just suggested using the side of a refrigerator box if you can’t get one of the sewing boards.  Then you hang it on the wall and take it down when you want.   You could even fold it up like the sewing board to make it easier to store.  What a novel idea.  One other used poster boards so it was smaller.

MOH suggests cutting strips of posterboard to make the actual lines on your board with the dates.  Another had the idea of using velcro strips across the board and velcro on the back of your figures so you could put them up or take them off.  Now why didn’t I think of that.  Of course my Ancient history timeline is done but when we come to Modern history we will make a few adjustments.

Notebook timelines are really simple.  Start out with a ringed binder, cardstock,  black marker and dividers (or those tabbed index things you can attach to a page – opt)  Several different websites have the timelines all done you just print them out on cardstock or use a timeline generator to create your own.  To assemble your notebook just put your line  across the center (landscaped) or across the top (portfolio) or your cardstock.  The beginning and ending dates on each end of the line.

My idea was to put write the event or date on the line.  On a separate sheet, we have a summary sheet of each person or event we study.  The kids add their timeline figure there with all the information they remember about the event or person.  We usually do this once a week.  This has helped my daughter remember things, which has been a really big issue.  Not only does she remember that day but for some time to come.  So once the summary sheet is complete, I put it between the cardstock timelines.  The dividers or index tabs are then used for easily going through the notebook.   If I can I will add the summary sheet to the website.

One of my favorite places to visit is www.notebooking.org There are some ideas for timelines along with timeline figures to get you started.  Just print them off and color if you so desire.

Here is another favorite http://www.homeschoolinthewoods.com/ We actually use their timeline figures because they go so well with their  ancient history studies.    This really made a difference for me as to whether we actually followed through.  I just print them off and away the kids go.

Enjoy your timeline

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