Wahoo the Mailman knows where we live!

by Darla on April 8, 2010

in Life,Reno, Nevada

It has been a challenging couple of days or has it been weeks but good none the less.  Shortly after entered the last post we decided to reject the seller’s offer.  I’ve never seen a counter offer like that in my life.  It was more than wanting the sale to go through it was calculated and sneaky.

We decided to sleep on the offer but that said started to look for rentals.  In the short time we had been looking for houses, all the rentals that I had searched out previously were rented except this one which looked fantastic.

We met the landlord and really took to each other and the house is fantastic too!

A Great place to spend a summer evening

The space is big enough for all of us to cook in the kitchen at the same time with bar stools for the rest.

This room is adjacent to the kitchen

This is the back yard.  Really nice but it needs a little tender loving care.

Upstairs hall, 3 bedrooms branch off this space.

The view of Mount Rose

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