Weekly Wrap Up – 11/10/2012

by Darla on November 13, 2012

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Last Saturday was our unit celebration for the first 9 weeks.  It was an experience in non-communication.  Some good things came out of it.  We learned that it is important to plan out what you are going to do and who is in charge of that section.  In our case, we had 3 parts;  the meal, a skit and display or activity.  Although one child was responsible, each person had a role for each area.  We planned to have a Grecian meal, tie dye activity, display our books and projects and skit.    We typically take the week before our Unit Celebration to work on the individual components and finish up any school work that is incomplete etc. The biggest fiasco was the time.  I thought morning and the kids thought dinner.  No last minute meeting to just group and gather to make sure we were all on the same page.

Due to lack of funds the tie dye event was postponed.  I still have a few t-shirts to purchase.  This also will double as a part of our Christmas gifts.  We decided to do the skit in pieces and then post a video.  That is still in the editing process and will appear as soon as it is finished.  Did I mention that our food coordinator had to work around Paleo restrictions?

Here is our conclusion: 

At the beginning of the unit, we will plan what we want to focus on for our unit celebration.  Begin with the end in mind.  Our projects will be spaced through out the unit such as a meal, activities etc instead of doing one big celebration.  Half way through it will be time to check up on progress and see what changes if any need to be made and then a week before a last gathering to determine what is left to be done and how that is to be accomplished.  These are all simple common sense things – we’ve just missed the boat the last 2 celebrations and it has been a nightmare for the kids and I.  One last thing, the celebration will be at the end of the 9 weeks rather than a week off to prepare.  Then it is vacation time for a week before the next unit.  It just seemed that it was a vacation time anyway.  We shall see how this goes.

— 2 —

Virginia and Rebekah have their Young Women’s in Excellence program tonight.

— 3 —

The Pinewood Derby was this week as well.  Samuel did an excellent job of designing his car and getting it put together with Dad’s help.  I’m pleased that Samuel does the work and it doesn’t become a project for dad to live through his son.

— 4 —

It is Stake Conference this week so a break from the normal Sunday routine.  Last night’s adult session was interesting.  The focus was on strengthening and rescuing the family.   This is a theme that was prominent in General Conference as well.  You can watch or read the transcripts at http://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng

— 5 —

Elections were held here in the US this week.  Depending on your point of view depends on how many felt about it.  Many have expressed concern over the next 4 years no matter who the President.  So many have lost jobs without hope in sight of a new opportunities and they are trying hard to find work.   It took 6 months this last year for my husband to find a new job while still working.  They gave notice that they were outsourcing all the work to an agency.  He found a new job that didn’t require us to move one of the reasons that it took so long.  He is now working from home which has been easier than the previous time we tried this out.  Guess it helps that the children are older.  Still there are no guarantees.  As a family, our primary focus is to pray for the leaders of our country and to prepare the best that we can.  One of those is with a food storage – this is just like your grandmother used to do every fall putting up the garden so that it can take you through the winter.    We’ve been working on this and our goal is to have a year’s supply.  Why that much?  So that if called upon we can help out others in need as well.  Our priority at this point is an inventory to determine what we have and what we still need to collect.  For Christmas, we are sending our daughter and husband the start of their food storage.  We found these containers at our local Winco store near the bulk foods section.  The Gamma lids are a little pricey because the center turns so that you do not need to pry the lid off every time.  The freeze dried fruits and veggies from Shelf Reliance are fantastic.  We love the taste and it is easy to store because they are so light weight.

— 6 —

Sorted through our games and cleaned out our under the stairs closet.  Now you can get in the door without killing yourself.

— 7 —

School this week has been interesting.  This year we are studying Ancient History.  We have tried Tapestry of Grace, Diana Waring Ancient History, Mystery of History and now we are working with Heritage History.  The stories and history are easy to understand at all the levels and seem to stick with you.  It is definitely lacking in the hands on activities.  It wouldn’t take much time to comb through the other resources to find the hands on element.

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