Welcome to our new home, the dust is settling.

by Darla on August 9, 2009

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It is so exciting that you made it here. Whew the dust is starting to settle and it is a work of wonder.

You know I’ve thought of doing this for years but didn’t want to go through the challenge that any move requires virtual or not. During the last couple months, we’ve been part of enough “real time” home projects that I didn’t want to tackle another. However, it has been incredibly frustrating to have just a small amount of time to add to my blog to find out that the editor wasn’t working so that post will have to wait for another time.

This blog also acts as part of our portfolio and journal for family, it would be nice to have a back up. I’ve been watching as others have moved away from home school blogger thinking maybe it is the right time. I’ve even stuck my toe in the pond a time or two but got back out. Now, the time is right and I’ve jumped in. It is fantastic.

My husband has been trying to get me to put my blog on his server and our own domain name which he purchased years ago. He was so happy that it is going to be used. He also thinks it is more than a little funny that I’ve been staying up way too late trying to figure out how to make headers, blog buttons, customize the background etc. Each night I ask him to help me with a little problem. (He always looses track of time and stays up too late) He gave me my own advice back to me, “perhaps if you go to bed it will be clearer in the morning”. 😉 He’s right. It works that if you aren’t tired the answers really are in front of you.

Enjoy your visit to our new home. I’d love to hear what you think. Oh wait, there’s another new feature here. Contributing authors – my children will be contributing some of their activities too; art, poetry, construction projects are all in the making. Keep your eyes open for their pages coming shortly.

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1 Heather Javaherian August 14, 2009 at 7:59 pm

Hi! This is looking great. I love seeing the pictures of the kids off to the right. I love you all and miss you.
Haleh Heather

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