What a busy summer!

by Darla on September 6, 2014

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Our summer has been packed from the beginning to the end.  Another couple weeks to recover would be great!  It started with a camp out for Sam, then trek, swimming lessons, Scout Camp, Summer Dance Intensive for 3 weeks, costumes for the cinderella performance, Girls Camp a week off and school started!  Here are some pictures of the fun.


Sam is on the far right with the goggles


This quilt has examples of all the different stitches learned during my sewing classes this summer.  This one went to girls camp.  We had a daily Quilt Diva awarded to the quilter of the day.  It also helped me to explain that while we were hand tying quilts there were other ways to do it.


20140524_083508This project was putting a xeriscape in our front yard. We’ve been in drought conditions for the last 2.5 years and told there is that much or more to go. We have opted to keep our back yard watered along with our garden and trees. The sad reality is that the tree in the center of our main yard took the stress rather hard. It wasn’t a particularly healthy tree so we took care to water almost as much as if there had been grass. In the end, it seems to have gone dormant although the twigs are quite brittle. It will more than likely need to be replaced. The tree in this picture to the right handled it well enough and actually seems to be thriving it doubled in size this yearP1020229 P1020314.  Go figure.


In June, Ginny went on trek with the youth from our area.  Three or four groups went just from Reno/Sparks area with about 200 kids in each group.  They were assigned families which they didn’t find out until the day they left.  Ginny is the girl in the green gingham check with white shirt, apron and bonnet.


I would never have recognized her if she didn’t point it out.  She wore several petticoats, skirts and shirts all at once.  She said it kept her warmer and she didn’t have to pull the clothing.  On the right is the carts they pulled up lots of hills.    P1020695 20140623_172943





My favorite photo is when they reenact the rocky ridge.  The pioneers were physically done and they felt divine help up the ridge. Leaders in our church come to help the youth up the ridge all dressed in white to represent the angels that helped the pioneers.


Sam and Brian went to Camp Fleischman in California the next week.   Brian stayed 3 days and enjoyed himself more than he thought.  It was a nice group of young men.  Sam earned 5 merit badges; leatherworking, climbing, kayaking, Environmental Science, first aid and horesemanship.  His leader said he was on fire going from one activity to the next.  On his own, he is to the logging phase of  Family, Fitness and Personal Finance.  With our troop we are working on Cooking and Citizenship in the World.  Labor day we completed a 10 mile bike ride for his rank advancement.  Hopefully he will get his 2nd class during January’s court of honor.

Sadly I don’t have any photos of Ginny’s Dance Intensive.  It was amazing.  Reno Dance Company put together an amazing schedule of activities.

While these are a small representation of the things we did this summer it isn’t hard to see why we needed another summer vacation.

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