What we're studying this year.

by Darla on September 17, 2007

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Here’s what we’re studying this year:

Language Arts:
Learning Language Arts Through Literature: Blue, Yellow and Tan levels (Every day)
Institute for Excellence in Writing Level A (two times a week)
Handwriting without Tears, Printing Power, Cursive and Cursive Success. (once a week in place of the writing that is included in LLATL program)
English from the Roots Up and Rummy Roots (haven’t made it yet but I really like it)

Math: Teaching Textbooks 7th grader, MUS K and 4th

History: Mystery of History II & some Story of the World Vol 2.  (three days) We are getting together with another family to complete some of the activities that are more fitting to a group setting. We hope to follow up with a Medieval feast at the end of the year. YIPPEE.

The last time we did this it was so much fun I can’t wait to do it again.

Science: (two days) Apologia’s Elementary: Exploring Creation through Astronomy and Knowledge Box Central’s corresponding lap book then moving on to Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space. We will probably skip the last unit of Christian Kids as it is quite similar to the more intense study of Astronomy.

Spanish: PowerGlide Junior and tutor

Bible: New Testament storied scriptures using Bible and New Testament Reader.

Character/Manners: Manners made easy. Still trying to decide on a good character study program.

Music: We’re doing composers, beta testing Christian Kids Experience Composers published by Bright Idea Press, which we are truly loving along with studies found at Classical Kids

Art: Picture Study: (Following Charlotte Mason style): Monet, Cassatt, and Renoir

Computer: Maevis Beacon Typing Tutor for 4th and 7th graders so we can do some really cool programming study next year. Everyone really loves Sponge Bob Square pants typing tutor but it has come up missing and despite searching everywhere, I can’t find it. UGH!

Physical Education: Tennis for 7th grader and K (two times a week) Ballet for 4th grader (two times a week) Swimming and other exercise as needed for mom’s sanity.

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