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by Darla on May 31, 2009

in Unit Celebrations

The kids are officially on vacation.  There is still a little work left for me to do.  Last week I finished up the End of Year Progress reports for Clonlara.  We’ve decided against using them again next year.  The FEC (Family Executive Committee decided that the same reports will submit to the FEC.  I suggested this as a way of being accountable and to keep dad in the loop.

Next on my to do list is to assemble the shopping list for next year.  Most of our books and kits can be ordered and delivered anywhere from 1 week to 2.5 months later.  There are some things that require a hands on approach; sewing supplies for our costumes.  We can get most supplies here but it takes hunting and I’m often impatient and just want to get it done.  The last time I looked for 1/4″ elastic.  I knew it had to be here just didn’t know where to start looking.  I did find it and then stocked up.  So I’ll pick up any notions, patterns or fabric that is too expensive here.

Patterns are not available locally.  I’ve learned to make some things without a pattern and for the rest I go to the tailors pick a picture from the Simplicity catalog they measure me and make it the way it is in the catalog.  It is pretty neat.  Don’t like what is available in the catalog or see something on the internet that you would like, print out a picture and ask them to copy it.  It is amazing.  My favorite is to take in pants, skirt whatever and ask them to copy it.  It works and is good quality.  Most places require that you bring fabric for the item you want made but others have fabric right in the store.  Ooops I digress.  Perhaps this needs to be a separate entry.

So I went through the list to determine what could be obtained locally, had to be shipped and items that needed to come back with us in July.

Here are the ideas so far:

Year 2, Unit 4 – Birth of America
Birthday party celebration with sparklers
  • Benjamin Franklin – Dad
  • Deborah Reed – Mom
  • Drum & Fife Player – Samuel [The Tan shirts, blue breeches and red sash]
  • Colonial women – Laura, Bekah and Ginny

I anticipate that the last three will pick a particular character in the months ahead.  We will make any final adjustments to costumes at that point as they are recycled from our Pilgrims activity just with added petticoats and hoops.  They were too similar to not use again.

Year 3, Unit 1 – South American Festival Night
Festival along the lines of Cinco de Mayo with a Pinata perhaps a mexican hat dance and oh yes the Flamenco performed by Virginia.

Guest Visitor – Jane Austen

Year 3, Unit 2 – Wild West
Campfire, cookout and square dancing
(perhaps in the desert near singing sand dunes)

  • Brigham Young – Dad
  • Eliza R. Snow Young – Mom
  • Davey Crockett – Samuel
  • Simple skirts, jackets and white blouses – Bekah, Ginny, Laura

Guest Visitor – Boy Scout to teach us about tracking

Year 3, Unit 3 – Civil War
Formal Meal setting with many courses or Wild West Show.

Guest Visitor – Abraham Lincoln

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