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by Darla on February 17, 2009

in Home Education

Mystery of History took us on our journey for two glorious years.   This last year we moved to All American History because they didn’t have the next Vol of MOH ready and it seemed a great time to spend on American History which MOH doesn’t cover.  Despite my research, it wasn’t the love we had for MOH.  It was good just not right for us.  Hmm so on the search again as we will make it through to the beginning of the Civil War in June.

This time I started with what we liked most about our favorite curriculum.  Here is our “grocery list” if you will.

1.  Hands on Activities
2.  Living History Books
3.  TJED friendly
4.  Writing ideas
5.  Read Alouds
6.  Literature suggestions – all levels 6, 10, 13 year olds.
7.  Group studies
8.  Incorporate some science
9.  Language arts?  Maybe some
10.  Community of followers – for support.

Home school Reviews has been a great companion to look through the different products as well as search family blogs to see what they liked the most.  There are a couple that I subscribe to and enjoy their posts.  So what did most of them have in common, Tapestry of Grace.  Now the other test is how long had these families used the products and are they happy.

Here are two favorites:

Harmony Art Mom
Peakmore Academy

I found them through using Mystery of History and just loved their minds.  So both have categories of Tapestry of Grace.  I read through each of their entries on this subject.  More and more convinced that this is right for our family.

Why pick a curriculum at all?  For me, it is too hard to find quality materials with nothing to hold in my hands and look through to see if it is a quality resource.  Too much money has been spent on materials while it is a bit wasteful in some ways, we’ve been able to bless others lives as a result.

So buying one or two of the recommended books on the levels we will be using next year became another test. The materials are impressive.  It has been difficult keeping the kids hands off, so I stopped trying.  That test is passed.

TOG recently came out with a new Digital Edition.  Instant gratification, I don’t have to wait weeks or perhaps months for my instructor’s manual.  Perusing the manual is quite amazing.  I printed out some of the schedules that I was most interested.  Still the feature that prints out only that level is illusive.  It said somewhere that it would do that which sounds perfect.  Samuel joins us for some of our readers but some of it is so far over his head that he isn’t interested and misses it.  I’m hoping that by reading to him on his level that he will pick up enough to follow.  The two separate reading schedules would be great.  One for his folder and one for the girls.

It has the important components from our wish list and a few more bonuses.  We hope that it will provide the adventure and structure for our journey because while it is nice to “get lost” there is a sense of satisfaction that comes when you make it home.

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