Where’s the Beef?

by Darla on October 31, 2012

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Trying to find a snack that doesn’t include nuts in Paleo is a challenge.  While looking at some of the pre-made snacks available, jerky was a common element.  Jerky is perfect or at least if you don’t have a ton of sugar added in the way of ingredients to spice it or other junk.  Since we couldn’t find one locally it was time to see what we could do at home.  Last time we used the oven on a low temp and put the jerky over the racks.  The jerky tasted great but the clean up was a nightmare.  Here’s the recipe we used  From Marks Daily Apple.  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-to-make-your-own-jerky/#axzz2Au7Lbe5I

Saturday Brian took a trip to the pawn shop – we knew they had a dehydrater 2 weeks ago when we sold our trimmer – didn’t really use it.  Final cost about $16, perfect for our budget.

Craigs list has been a win here lately, free apples.  They made great applesauce.  We’ve also been looking for a sturdy desk for Brian’s office, no joy there but he did find an industrial meat slicer for $1.  Monday night we took off to pick it up.  The gentleman figured we would need the $1 for traveling all the way to Truckee to pick it up.  No worries it was fun and worth the trip.  Brian looked up the brand name on the inter web and found that similar models are selling on ebay for $500, WIN!.

It seemed a silly idea what on earth are we going to do with a meat slicer.  Let me share what came next.  Today a trip to Sam’s club opened my eyes a bit. The meat department reduces the price on meat that is going to expire in the next couple days.  It is a good idea to be selective with an eye to the appearance of the meat does it look good or not.  Anyway,  this time my eye wasn’t on a particular cut of meat but the savings.  We found a eye of round roast, a large shoulder roast that I wouldn’t have considered before because of the amount of work making it fit even the largest roaster, well you get the idea.

Brought it all home and started working on making it fit what we needed.  My husband spent 15 minutes of his lunch hour to slice it all up in the thickness that I wanted and then Ginny and I finished putting final touches ie sealing it in a bag with marinade, chopping or whatever needed to be done.  So I no longer think it is a silly idea.  Definitely will be happier to get it out once or twice a month instead of all the time.

So what have you bought on craigs list lately that ended up being a good deal for you?

FOLLOW UP:  A few hours after starting the house smelled absolutely amazing.  Took awhile to get all the meat into the dehydrater but so worth the time and effort.  Definitely want leaner cuts of meat for this process.  Venison would be perfect.  Thanks Mom Gallew for the tip that I forgot to finish the story.



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