Year 2, Unit 4 Project ideas

by Darla on June 12, 2009

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Year 2, Unit 4

Unit celebration – Happy Birthday America Party
We are celebrating the birth of our nation.

Visitor – Benjamin Franklin

In Philadelphia Historic District you can meet Benjamin Franklin under the Mulberry Tree from 11am to 12.

It is my hope that our visitor will inspire the children to be curious about the way things work, try something new, invent, explore, get messy, make mistakes it is how we learn.Our ideas for most crafts come from the 3 level of arts and activities books that can be found on Bookshelf central.

Hasty Pudding, Johnnycakes, and Other Good Stuff

Hasty Pudding, Johnnycakes, and Other Good Stuff

Presents colonial food preparation with a look at the influences of available ingredients, cooking methods, and equipment. Includes recipes and appendix of classroom cooking directions. Use this option if you desire for your hands-on focus during…
Ben Franklin Book of Easy & Incredible Experiments, The

Ben Franklin Book of Easy & Incredible Experiments, The

Learn about science the same way Ben Franklin did–by performing incredible experiments! Some options for activities include building an optical toy shop, making a weather station with a working barometer, hygrometer, and other homemade…
Revolutionary War Days

Revolutionary War Days

Discover life in America during the Revolutionary War with dozens of exciting projects, games, and recipes. Brimming with authentic sights, tastes, and activities, Revolutionary War Days will bring the past to vivid life and take you on an…
As I look at the suggested projects it is easy to see that one could become easily overwhelmed or put too much on their plate.  It wasn’t until I listed it here that I realized there was too much on the previous list – this is pared down.  This is in addition to the costumes that I want to do this year.  My goal is to have the costumes complete at the beginning of the unit and then have them add accessories as they go along.  Most of the costumes were variations of Unit 3 with the exception of Samuel and Dad.  The ladies just need to have petticoats added.This is my effort to organize my thoughts per level/per unit.  These options are available to all the children.  We will probably do many of these activities together but it isn’t required that they participate.  Each child has also expressed a desire to further their studies in each of these areas – TJED.
Lower Grammar – Cooking
Cook Outside – dutch oven
Make dried fruit
Musical instrument – drum
Upper Grammar – Focus Benjamin Franklin Inventions/Experiments
Telegraph kit – I purchased a kit as it was easier to get the supplies this way.Our Noeo Physics kit also had some activity kits from the Young Scientist Club that will fit in here.  #23-25.  I stressed out a bit when we didn’t finish our Noeo program up but it looks like it will fit in nicely here to just continue.
Crewel Embroidery Pocket – Costume accessory
Dialectic – Handcrafts and medicines
Make Tin Lanterns
Diorama – Colonial or plantation
Display table about medicinal herbs and Homemade remedies
Crewel embroidery Pocket – Costume accessory

Group Projects/Activities:

Benjamin Franklin – Hero Classics
Daniel Boone – Netflix

Constitutional Trivia Game – See instructions in TOG SAP
Made for Trade
State and Presidents Card Bank Projects – I’ll prep this by print out the blanks on cardstock

Papier Mache Puppets – perhaps they will be used in a play?
Unit Celebration
Portfolios – Pulling these together on a quarterly basis is a fantastic way to keep up with the paperwork of homeschooling.  It is so much less stressful at mid and end of year reporting times.
Learning to write letters – I ordered each person their own wax seal so that we can identify who the letters came from.  John and Abigail Adams wrote letters often to each other.  We may also set up some sort of delivery system like they had in Little Women for the children to get mail in addition to retrieve lost or missing articles of clothing.  Hmmm.   This might solve our entry way issues with shoes and leftover items that need to be put away.

Field Trip ideas: Optometrist’s Office – Biofocals, Horse Farm, Weather Station, Newspaper

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