Year 2, Unit 4 Celebration

by Darla on January 23, 2010

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As I searched the blog for our unit celebration EEEK I didn’t do it. After our celebration we started packing up for Thailand and Hong Kong this post got lost in the shuffle.

The first plans included other families. It took us more time to finish up since mom was busy with paperwork for a house closing and our trip and no time to figure out the little details. We realized that it was more important to wrap it all up before we left so a virtual element to our celebration seemed like the perfect solution. Those that wanted to see what we had done could. 🙂 The children knew mom was going to post it on her blog so that helped them from getting lackadaisical about their work.

Our Entry table hosted our Unit book (the cover was switched to the next unit) and our Gallew Quarterly Gazette.  The Gazette had samples of the children’s writing from this quarter along with our agenda for the evening.

This is the table of anything that was displayable for Rebekah, Virginia and Samuel.  It was all set up for when dad came home from work.  Dad and Laura were our live audience and they sufficiently oohed and awed.  Everyone commented on how much work they had done in such a short time.

This is Samuel’s section of the table.  He is a voracious reader and loves Let’s Find Out About Science books.  The game is 9 pin which is a predecessor to today’s bowling.  We had lots of fun with our home school friends this quarter going bowling every other week.

The Center section here is Virginia’s display.   She has fallen in love with poetry and so excited to continue learning about that through the year.

These are Virginia’s handcrafts.  She participated in a beginner sewing class with some friends as well as getting better at knitting.  Now she wants to learn to crochet as well.

These are the resources that Bekah used along with her artwork. This summer we found a book on drawing dragons and mythological creatures that has kept her quite busy for the past couple months. She also added early morning seminary to her studies this year. That means and early wake up call to spend 45 minutes with peers studying the scriptures. What an awesome way to start the day. She loves going and has learned so much.

A Night of fun and learning – Unit Celebration

Hosts: Master Samuel Gallew, Mistess’ Rebekah and Virgina Gallew

Displays showed the duration of the evening.

Light Meal served at 6:30pm
Soup in a bread bowl
Berry Flummery

Agenda for the remainder of the evening:
Nightlife Poem – Virginia Gallew
Cooking Display – Samuel Gallew
Piano Recital – Virginia Gallew
Presentation – Rebekah Gallew
Presentation – Virginia Gallew
Art Work – Rebekah Gallew
Actvity: Johnny Tremain Movie

Our meal was very simple.  We had Minestrone Soup, Rolls and Berry flummery.  Since the table was part of our presentation for the evening we couldn’t move everything off to have dinner so it was standing.  Really this is quite authentic as the children often didn’t get to sit during the meal.  The father may but not the children or mother, there just weren’t enough chairs.  It was also believed to aid the digestion if you stood while eating.

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1 Laurie January 23, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Looks great!

2 Darla January 24, 2010 at 5:22 am

Thanks Laurie.

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