You know it is going to be rough when….

by Darla on September 10, 2007

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Yesterday was rather a head achy kind of day. Migraines visit, that is life so pick up and go on.  Sad thing is that when they are starting I don’t always realize it until I say or do something stupid.  So here it goes.

The girls and I were talking about composers and music. Sam walks into the room and asks, “How do you cook a chicken,” Like a silly mom I say on the stove. Mom is picturing a live chicken hopping from burner to burner on my cooktop. Which I share with them and we all have a good laugh.

He says NO how do you cook your chicken, in the microwave. I say no, I like it cooked in the oven baked. (sam walks over to the printer grabs a piece of paper and crayons really frustrated with his mother) Sam says, “I really want to know how you cook a chicken.” I tell him in a pan, in the oven at about 350 degrees. He said no on number 5. Which is true it is about mark 5 on our stove European make.

At this point I am obviously not getting it and the girls jump in to help. Sam (aged 5) is about ready to throw a major tantrum. I JUST WANT TO COOK MY CHICKEN. How do I do it. Where do you want to cook it. (The sad thing is I just don’t understand what he wants.)

After about 5 more minutes, I GET IT. He wants to reheat his chicken (KFC from last night) in the microwave and wants to know how long to cook it in the microwave. Nothing like independent. He was hungry and wanted to reheat his chicken.

We all had a good laugh at this point; tears streaming down the sides of our face, holding your stomach and trying to catch your breath kind of laugh. It didn’t even occur to me he wanted lunch he didn’t ask for lunch he was just going to fix it for himself. I am not sure whether to dance for joy because he is independent and thinks how can I do it for myself or sad that he didn’t think to ask his mom to make him some lunch.  WELLLLL I chose to be glad he can take care of himself and I don’t need to worry that he will go hungry.

My mother told me there would be days like this.

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